Q: What exactly IS a “Session” at Tone / How does pricing work?

A: At Tone, we offer “sessions” which consist of several CLASSES that build on each other from week to week.  For this reason, we do not allow drop-ins.  However, this makes the sessions extremely affordable (your total session fee is divided amongst the number of weeks … so it works out to about $15/ class!)

Q:  How Do Sessions at Tone work?

Each year, we offer three 10-week sessions.  Over the course of a session, you will dance once a week for 45-50 minutes.  Beginners simply learn the basics.  In Intermediate and Advanced classes, participants learn a choreography that we build on from week to week.

The sessions look something like this:

Fall Session: Starts in mid-September and finishes in November.

Winter Session: Starts in mid-January and finishes in March or April.

Spring Session: Starts in April and finishes in May or June. 

We practice in the studio on Monday and Wednesday evenings. This is our typical practice schedule: 

7:00-7:45pm Wednesday – Beginner Bellydance with Charley

7:30pm-8:20pm – Choreographed Bellydance with Lindsay

8:30pm-9:20pm - Choreographed Bellydance with Krista

In the choreographed classes, we may decided to incorporate props (veils, swords, fan-veils, canes, tambourines, etc)...there may or may not be an extra cost for these props, but we let you know before you register. 

All of our classes will take place in Multi Purpose Room #1 in the Big Marble Go Centre (formerly FLC)

Q:  How can I see past performance videos and pictures?

A:  Check out our YouTube Channel and our Flikr for photos

Q:  What are the Business Policies for Participants?

A: Payment for the entire session must be made in full at the time of registration (ie, before attendance of the first class).

Refunds are permitted only in situations of health issues/injury (a doctor’s note is required), or in extreme circumstances (up to the discretion of the Tone owners).  If such a situation does arise, a 20% administration fee will be incurred by the participant.  Note that we will not permit refunds due to poor planning or scheduling on behalf of the participant, so please schedule thoughtfully and carefully before committing to register!

If participants miss a class for any personal reason (such as vacation, temporary illness, etc), Tone instructors are not responsible to ‘make up’ classes which have been missed, nor will Tone refund the monetary value of any classes missed.

Tone is bound to the operating hours of the Big Marble Go Centre.  If the facility is closed for any reason (statutory holidays, etc), classes will not run.  Tone owners will endeavour to advise participants in advance.

We do not hold regular office hours - we are only in the studio when classes are in session. 

Sometimes, the dates fall awkwardly in the calendar, leaving us with 9-week sessions rather than 10.  In these cases, prices remain the same...the cost is for the entire session, not individual classes.

Late-registrations are not pro-rated.  In Choreographed Classes, late registrations are not accepted past week 2 as there is just too much to catch up on and it does impact the other participant’s experience.

Our minimum age requirement is 16 years old.

For the comfort of our dancers, we do not allow silent observers while we practice.

Q: Do you offer kids classes?

A: No.  The minimum age for participants is 16 years old.

Q: What should I wear/bring to practice?  

A: Go for comfy...cotton crops and a tank top works great!  Most ladies wear a hip scarf, but it isn't a requirement.  If you are interested in buying one, please reach out  - we can hook you up!

Be sure to stay hydrated - bring a bottle of water.

Bellydance classes are best done in bare feet.


Q: Where can I purchase bellydance belts?

A: Traditional bellydance coin belts can be purchased on the following amazon, ebay and bellydance.com. We also have a small stock of belts for sale to purchase direct.

Q:  How do I get information on booking dancers for a corporate event, festival, or wedding?

A:  Please contact us to discuss!  Reach out to toneitnow@gmail.com