About Us

The Owners

Krista Vandermeulen
Krista is the visual and creative force behind Tone. With a degree in Visual Communications, Krista handles all branding and design work for the business as well as the costume designs of large productions and the performance troupe. She is also incredibly talented with tactile design, having sewn and beaded dozens of bellydance and showgirl costumes to a professional standard. Krista specializes in Fusion dance styles which tend to focus on technique and upper body mechanics and is known for incorporating weapons into her routines.


Lindsay Perry
Formerly a Marketing & Communications Manager for a large private company, Lindsay is now the business mind of Tone. With a Marketing Diploma, she handles contracts, media, and budgets for the business. Lindsay loves the stage and entertaining; her true passion is making people smile with a vibrant (often amusing) performance. Not surprisingly, she specializes in the showy style of Cabaret and Burlesque which tend to focus on the energy of the music and lower body movements.

Krista and Lindsay have performed hundreds of times throughout their dance careers and were given the honour of performing on the Pro Stage in Las Vegas in 2015. In 2018, they created their own first major stage production choreographing 14 original pieces. In early March, 2020 Krista and Lindsay took their show to the road (along with 20 dancers), dazzling a vibrant audience in Saskatoon, SK. Deciding to take a break from large show productions, Krista and Lindsay visited Cairo Shimmy Quake, California in 2023 where they were students and performers. They continue to work on bringing new and exciting experiences their audiences, far and wide.