Connect Through Dance

With the recent passing of our friend and mentor Lorraine Dalla Longa, and with some extra time on my hands, I find myself reflecting on what Bellydance means to me. 
After dancing with the Dance Connection for many years, Linds and I bought the company from Lorraine in 2012 and soon after added our own branding to the business, renaming it Tone Fitness and Dance.
For the past two years our business was essentially dormant with the restrictions of the pandemic, and it is only recently that we have been back full swing with performances, classes and show preparations. As is the case- performing and teaching classes brings out new people and new relationships. I always end up  chatting with people new and familiar to us - and am happy to learn everyone's story.
Relationships form and extend beyond dance. Over time I get to know the dancers and the things that touch their lives, and take great pleasure in learning everyone's unique experiences and quirks. I was scrolling through facebook just yesterday and came across a posting from one of the dancers in our studio who's pet had passed away. (heartbreaking as I had seen her love this pet for a few years - as I love my puppy Calla). Or another dancer who is far away and coordinating major events that may appear in the Guinness Book of World records, or another dancer who moved to Costa Rica to raise her family, or another dancer/mentor who we met in Vegas...
I always took for granted these connections as they were something that came with the business and something I had known even before we bought it. It wasn't until reopening after the lockdowns that I understood that these connections enriched my life, they promoted our business, and they create a foundation for what we do here at Tone Bellydance. We are here for women. We empower women. And they empower us.
Welcome to Tone Bellydance- formerly The Dance Connection - Join the Movement and Connect Through Dance.